Fresh Start

We love to see men, women, young people become free from the effects of offense, hurt, or loss through the transforming power of forgiveness and freedom in Jesus Christ.

If you’ve been hurt or wounded by someone close to you or have tried to forgive someone but when you see them feelings of resentment, bitterness and hurt still crop up in your life; maybe you need a Fresh Start.

Fresh Start is an interactive process with a small group of women or men and facilitators utilizing biblical principles to help you become forgiven, forgiving and free. Fresh Start allows you to experience the transforming power of forgiveness.

I'm Ready for a Fresh Start

Great Stories are Worth Sharing

Fresh Start Testimonies

Here you'll find just a couple of stories from the many who have gone through Fresh Start here at NMC.

Many people walk through life wounded and hurt and angry, because of life circumstances. God made a way that we can walk victoriously!

Read Reeny's Story

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