Merge: Premarital Mentoring

Building a Marriage That Lasts

Strong, healthy marriages start long before the wedding. To build a marriage that lasts and gets off to a great start, we encourage all engaged couples to participate in our premarital mentoring class, Merge. 

Merge is designed for all engaged couples seeking wisdom and counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, and authentic environment. Our desire is to help you establish a God-centered marriage that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Couples will walk through the Merge curriculum from Watermark in a small group setting of 3-10 couples lead by established married mentors. The Merge content covers topics such as communication, conflict, finances, in-laws, etc., and provides couples ways on how to address common questions and challenges from a biblical perspective. 

Classes meet Sunday afternoons for three hours on three consecutive Sundays. The Merge class is available to those who regularly attend North Metro Church and who are already engaged. The total cost for the program is $35 for the assessment.


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