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Women's One Day Conference

  • today Feb 26

Awaken: Loving the People Next Door

Join the women of NMC for Awaken: Loving the People Next Door, a one-day gathering, on Saturday, February 26! EB and Shane Cole will be returning to lead us in worship and Debbie McGoldrick, a Cru staff member and founder of Neighbor Bible Studies 2GO, will lead us by sharing her experience of practically living out the Great Commission and loving her neighbors well.

How do we slow down long enough to have eyes to see the people closest in proximity to us? How can we take the first step to walk out our own front door in an effort to meet our neighbors without being awkward? Once we do, how can we connect with them on a deeper level so we can have more meaningful conversations with them? Where there are connections, there can be opportunities for the Gospel to be shared and our communities transformed. Too often, we overcomplicate it but Jesus' instruction to us is actually quite simple. This is not a-box-to-be-checked evangelism tool but a new way of living your everyday, normal life with more intentionality.

Come prepared to experience practical tools to explore your own neighboring opportunities by focusing on the homes directly around your own. We'll have fun giveaways, share meaningful conversations around the table, and you'll have an opportunity to meet your own neighbors who also attend NMC!


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Feb 26
9:00am - 4:00pm

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