Family Christmas Guide

Join us as we dig a little deeper into the Christmas story and all who were involved.

In Town Square we help people find and follow Jesus. Before North Metro Church ever was a thought in anyone’s mind, a baby was born. This baby changed the course of history and our lives forever! Have you ever thought about how Jesus' birth changed the shepherds' lives? Have you ever thought about what Joseph's family was thinking the night baby Jesus was born? Well, we did! Just like their lives were changed by His birth, we know ours have been changed too!

How To Use The Interactive Guide

Each day we'll focus on one character and how their life was affected by the birth of Jesus. We've broken it down into three steps:

It all starts with Scripture. Throughout this journey, we will zoom in on seven characters from the Bible that were part of Jesus' birth. Together you'll read the guiding Scripture for the lesson before getting into the family activities.

After reading, you can check out the corresponding video on our NMC Kids Town Square YouTube channel. There are two videos for each week.

After watching the video it's time to get creative! You'll create a paper figure and a bonus activity. Any supplies needed you'll find in the bag.

Family Christmas Guides will be available to pick up outside from the NMC Truck, Mobi, after each service on Sunday, November 29, & Sunday, December 6.

Digital Download

If you aren't able to come by NMC to pick up a bag, don't worry! We've thought about you! By following the link below, you can download and print out the Family Christmas Guide 2020 booklet and additional materials. Don't forget, you can tune in to our NMC Kids Town Square YouTube channel and watch the videos that accompany each day. While you take the time as a family to read the Scriptures, watch the videos, and complete the activities, know that we are praying for you and your family during this season. Merry Christmas from all of us at North Metro Church!


Family Christmas Guide 2020

Ashley unbags this year's Family Christmas Guide.


Salvation Moment

If you or your child comes to know Jesus and asks Him to be their personal Lord and Savior, let us know! We want to celebrate this with you and send you some free resources!

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Family Christmas Playlist

The Family Christmas Guide music playlist is a resource we've put together for families to listen to while completing the activities for each day. It's also another way to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus! Enjoy!


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