Premarital Mentoring

Building a Marriage That Lasts

To get your marriage off to a great start, we encourage engaged couples to participate in our Premarital Mentoring Program. Preparing for marriage involves much more than planning a beautiful wedding; we desire to help you establish a God-centered marriage that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Couples will walk through the study Preparing for Marriage alongside an established couple. Mentoring usually lasts 7-9 sessions, for about two hours each time. Mentoring is available to those who regularly attend North Metro Church and who are already engaged. Couples who complete the program are eligible to be married by an NMC pastor according to availability and personal schedules. Please allow 4-6 months to complete the mentoring process as this allows time to work through any issues that may arise. Accommodations can be made as necessary.

The total cost for the program is $35 for the assessment. Completing a Premarital Mentoring Program often results in a significant discount on your marriage license.

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