Put simply, COVID has changed everything.

Public schools going virtual has quickly created numerous more needs right here in our community. NMC is stepping in to tangibly support Marietta City Schools and Cobb County School District by launching nine initiatives to come alongside families and be the church.

In 2012, North Metro Church set out a vision to be a church that would Be Missed. If we and our building were to disappear would anyone notice we were gone? Our hope is that the community would be sending out a search party looking for us right away.

We believe our plan creates a great opportunity to reignite our vision to Be Missed and live out our mission to Help People Find and Follow Jesus.

Partners & Plans

In an attempt to help meet the needs of our church and our community, we are going to partner with two Cobb County Schools: Hayes Elementary and Kennesaw Mountain High School, as well as the Marietta City Schools system. Although we recognize there are many other schools represented in our church we have prior working relationships with these schools that will allow us to help more effectively and efficiently.

Marietta Student Life Center

Licensed Professional Counselor

Renewing financial commitment to keep a faith-based counselor in a public high school.

NMC is renewing our financial commitment to Marietta High School (MHS) that allows for a faith-based Licensed Professional Counselor to be an option for high school students inside the Marietta Student Life Center. This is an amazing opportunity and a service that is greatly needed in this season, as we can only imagine the amount of secondary emotional and family issues that will be created.

Kindergarten-6th Grade

Classroom Space for Students

Utilizing building space to provide a solution for working parents to find low-cost childcare.

We are actively working on partnering with other organizations in the community to provide low-cost childcare on our campus. This would allow working parents an option for their children to receive supervised learning and bridge the childcare gap that is created with virtual school. Check back here for updates!

UPDATE ON THIS INITIATIVE: [Aug 30, 2020] When we launched this initiative we were in talks with YMCA to be a host location for their virtual learning classrooms. Unfortunately, that plan did not work out. We are still seeking partnerships with established organizations to provide a learning environment for families in need of tutoring.

Kennesaw Mountain High School

Social & Emotional Learning Course

Providing influence and support directly to students through character education course.

NMC is partnering with Kennesaw Mountain High School (KMHS) and Riverstone Church to implement a virtual character education class for the students at KMHS. We will be using the curriculum from Growing Leaders (by Tim Elmore). This Habitudes curriculum is focused on social and emotional learning that has the potential to help students navigate everyday life during these tumultuous times. This is an amazing opportunity to partner with a public school to influence and support students directly. If you're interested in being a mentor and leader to students in our community, it only takes one hour a month of your time, check out the volunteer opportunities below.

UPDATE ON THIS INITIATIVE: [Aug 30, 2020] Our assigned staff members have completed the training and are actively working on rolling this initiative out with KMHS.

Volunteer & Paid Opportunities

NMC being a resource for volunteer and job opportunities.

As we have moved into this world, we have had many requests for tutors or childcare workers from other organizations that are also “pivoting.” Organizations like the YMCA, MUST Ministries, Walton Communities, etc. Our goal is to keep an updated list of these opportunities, volunteer and paid positions, for our congregation. This will help connect our body in the community as well as potentially provide a resource for some members who have been displaced.

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High School & College

Student Cafe

Providing a safe space for students to study and socialize with their peers.

As part of our building construction project last year we designed our Theater space to serve as a Cafe for students throughout the week. However, COVID was a significant distraction for that plan. For local high school and college students, the lack and loss of being able to socialize with their friends and peers as a component of their education is a huge issue. We are going to provide a safe space where students and their friends can gather in a recommended number per the Department of Health.

UPDATE ON THIS INITIATIVE: [Aug 30, 2020] The Student Cafe is open and running, we have been serving local high school students and providing a safe space to not be distant while social distancing and completing their virtual learning.

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Financial Contribution for

Technology & Childcare

Financial gifts to support technology and childcare needed for virtual learning.

Our entire offering received on Sunday, August 9, and any money that comes in over the following week will be gifted to our partner schools for technology needs and teacher childcare. In addition, we will hold back a percentage of these funds to work with those families within NMC struggling with this need.

UPDATE ON THIS INITIATIVE: [Aug 30, 2020] Due to your generosity, we were able to put $169,458 back into the community for technology and childcare needs! We wrote a check to Marietta City Schools for $50,000 and a check to Cobb County School System for $75,000! The rest of the money has gone to purchase computers for students and fulfill needs that come through our OneNeed Care Ministry.

Monday | August 17

Day of Prayer & Fasting

Prayer and fasting as a unifying way to show our dependence on God in this time.

NMC Family, join us in a day of self-guided prayer and fasting for our schools on Monday, August 17, the first day of school for Cobb County. This is a tangible way for everyone to participate in spiritual disciplines to build up our body and create uniformity in our mission as we are a church that desires to Be Missed. We will be in earnest prayer for our schools, administration, faculty, staff, and students. Our Worship Pastor, Clark Beasley, will provide a helpful and practical guide to prepare our hearts and minds that will be available digitally Sunday, August 16. We will also be sharing some resources throughout the week on our North Metro Church Facebook and Instagram accounts.

UPDATE ON THIS INITIATIVE: [Aug 30, 2020] Many of you synced up with us for our Day of Prayer and Fasting on August 17, we had over 1,000 downloads of the Day of Prayer and Fasting Guide! Many of you found it a useful tool, and the word spread to other area churches who have asked us to use it for their church body. Our prayer is that we continue this prayer posture in this season.

Day of Prayer & Fasting Guide

August 9-23

Teacher Encouragement Note Drive

Safely mobilize during the pandemic to thank and bless teachers.

We also want to show our support and appreciation for teachers, through a note writing campaign for all of our local school partners. These notes will help provide the teachers with some much-needed encouragement in our ever-changing season. We need your help to make it a huge success.

UPDATE ON THIS INITIATIVE: [Aug 30, 2020] We collected over 500 letters from the church body that will be delivered with a $10 gift card to either Starbucks or Chick-fil-A for teachers at our partner schools. We will be delivering these small gifts of appreciation in early September. Thank you for helping encourage our local educators.

August 9-16

School Supply Drive

Safely mobilize during the pandemic to equip students for success.

Even in this season, students still have a need for school supplies! To help some families we're launching a school supply drive to benefit Hayes Elementary School students. The supplies that are collected will help provide 300 students with the items they need to be successful for attending school online from home.

UPDATE ON THIS INITIATIVE: [Aug 30, 2020] The School Supply Drive was a huge success! You went above the goal of 300 students, providing much-needed supplies to Hayes Elementary students. Teachers were able to hand-deliver all of the items to their students to be successful in this season of online schooling. You have helped develop a small supply of extra resources to be given out as needed in the next coming weeks. Thank you for your continued generosity.

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