Fall 2018

Psalms Reading Plan

We hope you're enjoying your time studying the book of Psalms this semester! Below you'll find helpful reading guides to enrich your study time and weekly table conversation.

Chapter One

Prayers of Worship & Praise

In chapter one, you'll understand how worship and praise is foundational to effective and satisfying times of prayer.

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Chapter two

Prayers of Confession & Acknowledgment

In chapter two, you'll grow to understand the importance of internalizing responsibility for personal sins.

Download Chapter 2 Reading Plan

chapter three

Prayers of Intercession & Supplication

In chapter three, you'll learn more about how God expects us to frequently ask Him for what we want and need.

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Chapter Four

Prayers of Protection & Deliverance

In chapter four, you'll deepen your understanding of the importance of placing your sense of ultimate security in no one else but God.

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Chapter Five

Prayers of Vindication & Forgiveness

In chapter five, you'll learn more about how God expects us to express ourselves to Him from the depth of our soul and that He is BIG enough to handle all of our emotion, no matter how intense.

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Week 6

Prayers of Renewal & Restoration

In chapter 6, you'll see that the energy you need to live comes from God, as He is the one who restores and reenergizes us.

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Week seven

Prayer: Looking to the Past, Planning for the Future

In chapter seven, you'll learn that your confidence in the future comes from looking to what God has done for you in the past.

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Week Eight

Prayer & the Apparent Silence of God

In chapter eight, you'll come to a deeper understanding of how and why God appears to be silent at times and leaves some prayers unanswered.

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week nine

Prayer & Waiting on the Lord

In Chapter Nine, you’ll explore the idea of submission to God’s timing as we wait on His answer to our prayers.

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Week ten

Prayers of Reward & Thanksgiving

In chapter ten, you'll explore how and why God rewards prayers with specific answers and action and that your natural response to God's active involvement should be one of deep gratitude.

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Monday, November 5 | 7:00-9:00pm

Worship & The Word Gathering

Join us in the NMC auditorium for a special night celebrating all the Lord did through our journey in the book of Psalms this semester. We promise it's a night you don't want to miss!

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