Meaningful conversations to help us all walk worthy.

NMC Women's Podcast

Walk Worthy

Walk Worthy is a podcast designed to both inspire and equip women in taking more deliberate steps towards more intimate, fulfilling Christ-centered lives–bearing fruit and awakening Scripture in their daily lives.

Walk Worthy is anchored in the principles highlighted in Colossians 1:9-10..."to be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God."

In each episode, we'll invite a special guest for a meaningful conversation to help us all walk worthy. New episodes are released every other Thursday.

New episodes will be released every other Thursday beginning Thursday, August 26.

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Meet the Host

Becky Everette

After several years as a family member at North Metro Church, Becky joined the NMC staff in 2017 as the Women's Pastor. Becky is a wife to Randy and a mom to their three girls. You can often find her in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, driving all over West Cobb, or when time allows, in her favorite reading chair. She's a fan of late nights, afternoon naps, and college football: UGA, SEC, and everyone else (in that order). Between her girls' soccer games, piano lessons, and dance, Becky's come to love the convenience that podcasts bring and looks forward to unpacking how to walk worthy with guests each week!

Meet The Host

Brooke Flowers

Brooke is a licensed minister, former radio personality, and management consultant who spends her time helping executives think through how to solve their greatest challenges and become the most impactful leaders possible, Brooke excitedly seeks out opportunities to help others dream out loud and see their visions into fruition. Her heart’s desire is to ensure that others have powerful encounters with God that they can’t shake and don’t want to! Brooke is married to her high-school sweetheart, Steven, and they love traveling and free-styling with their two children, Eden and Creed.

Season Two Episode List

Episode #1 - Thursday, January 13

Pursuing Christ as a Millennial

Why should we still be a part of the local church when we have the best worship songs on Spotify and can access seminary in a podcast? Becky and Brooke kick off season 2 of Walk Worthy with special guest Courtney Smith. Join this rich conversation as they discuss what it looks like to follow Jesus as a millennial, why we still need the local church, and what a multi-generational church looks like.


Episode #2 - Thursday, January 27

Honoring Christ in the Marketplace

We cannot all be pastors, preachers, and worship leaders so what does it look like to honor God in our workplace? Today Becky and Brooke are joined by Connie Allen as they discuss what it looks like to be “salt and light” in the marketplace. Don’t miss this conversation about the power of listening, living with the fruit of the spirit, and how doing your job with excellence honors the LORD.


Episode #3 - Thursday, February 10

Depending on Christ Alone

"The passage of time never makes God less likely to fulfill His promises.” Becky and Brooke are joined today by our hilarious and honest guest, Jess Magee. Join this conversation about what it looks like to “wait well” on the Lord as the ladies talk about Walking Worthy as a single person and in all phases of life.


Episode #4 - Thursday, February 24

Dying to Self

It’s all love this week on the podcast! We are talking newlywed life with special guest Amy Rainey. The Bible tells us to leave our father and mother and cling to our spouse, but that is not always easy when married life is not sunshine and rainbows all the time. This week Becky and Amy talk all about the good, the bad, and everything in between on married life.


Episode #5 - Thursday, March 10

Laying a Spiritual Foundation

This week on the podcast: "Parenting, mothering and laying a spiritual foundation in our families!” Becky and Brooke are joined by Peggy Spillane, who is a mom of four adult daughters, three sons-in-law, and one grandbaby. Whether you are a mother, an expectant mother, or a spiritual mother, there is something in this conversation for you.


Episode #6 - Thursday, March 24

Laying a Spiritual Foundation Part 2: The Teen Years

The teen years do not have to be the most dreaded part of parenting. Today we are continuing the conversation on parenting with special guest Tish Graves, who is the mom of three teenagers and offers so much wisdom and encouragement on raising up teenagers who love and seek the LORD. Join us in this conversation about praying for your children, creating a safe place, the importance of time and so much more.


Episode #7 - Thursday, April 7

Looking Ahead to the "New Good"

As parents, we often have an illusion of control when our children live in our homes. But what happens when they leave the house? Do we really trust God completely with our kids? “If our children belong to the Lord, then we are going to camp out in the freedom that God is sovereign over everything!” Laura Beth Morris is our incredible guest today and shares her wisdom and experience on children leaving the home and becoming empty nesters.


Episode #8 - Thursday, April 21

Trusting God's Heart When You Become Single Again

How do you trust the Lord when your life takes an unexpected turn? Join us for an honest, yet hopeful, conversation with Tracy McHam as she walks through her journey of healing, forgiveness, and learning how to be a single mother. Our hope in having this conversation is that you will be reminded that, even in painful life circumstances, you are loved, seen, and not alone. Take hope in knowing that our God rescues, saves, redeems, and will bring beauty from ashes, as described in Isaiah 61:3.


Episode #9 - Thursday, May 5th

Enjoying the Grand-parenting Year

What is a grandparent’s role? It seems like a simple question, but this is a challenging one because it often involves loving and respecting your children and their own newly formed family. Today, Barbara Williams joins us on Walk Worthy to talk about letting go of the parenting role, setting boundaries, taking the time to know your in-laws, and spoiling your grandkids with time and love. Barbara shares what it means to be intentional in this stage of life with her three kids (or as she would say, “six kids” including her children’s spouses) and nine grandkids. If you are a new grandmother, older grandmother, a new mom, or a newly married person with in-laws, there is rich advice and wisdom in this conversation for you.


Episode #10 - May 19th

Finishing Well

Join us as we wrap up Season 2 of the podcast with an "OG" NMC member, Virginia Blackwell! Since the beginning, Virginia has been a part of North Metro Church and was in the first NMC Stephen Ministry class almost twenty years ago. Together with Becky & Brooke, she discusses her experience caring for women in our church, aging with confidence, and how to live prepared. You won't want to miss this final episode!


Season One Episode List

Ever feel like you’re meandering aimlessly through your faith journey, not experiencing the fullness of what you know is possible in your relationship with Christ? Join us for season one of the Walk Worthy podcast!

Episode #1 - Saturday, August 21

Walk Worthy Introduction

Join us as Becky & Brooke kick off the NMC Women's Podcast! In this episode, you get to hear the heart behind Walk Worthy–why we launched this new endeavor, what we hope happens, and what we definitely don't want to happen.


Episode #2 - Thursday, August 26

Biblical Knowledge and Wisdom - Part I

To thrive in our walks with Christ, we need both biblical knowledge as well as biblical wisdom. “What’s the difference between the two and how do each uniquely impact my walk, you ask?” We’ll join Becky, Brooke, and special guest Rose Ryner, who will share important insights on both to help you walk worthy.


Episode #3 - Thursday, September 9

Biblical Knowledge and Wisdom - Part II

Episode 2 was just so rich that we had to keep the conversation going! Part II of Biblical Knowledge and Wisdom picks back up where Episode 2 left off and centers more on how we, as the women of NMC, can acquire and apply biblical wisdom more effectively in our everyday lives.


Episode #4 - Thursday, September 23

Spiritual Fruit

"Bearing fruit" is a common phrase among Christians but what does it actually mean? What is spiritual fruit and how do we go about cultivating it in our lives? Becky & Brooke dive into a meaningful conversation about what it means to live in a way that honors the Lord.


Episode #5 - Thursday, October 7

Discerning and Obeying the Will of God

"God, what do you want me to do?" This is the age-old question and cry of many Jesus followers. Discerning (or figuring out) what God wants us to do often requires a bit more effort than yelling, "Hey, Siri" and waiting for the immediate response we're used to. Join Becky, Brooke, and one of NMC's friends and favorite worship leaders, EB Cole, on Walk Worthy as we talk about the challenge & beauty of discerning God's will.


Episode #6 - Thursday, October 21

Walking Worthy Through Adversity

Join Becky and Brooke for a special episode where they explore what it means to walk worthy through the extreme hardship of cancer. They are joined by Lindsey Ritsema, a member of the North Metro Church community and cancer survivor.


Episode #7 - Thursday, November 4

Growing in Knowledge: What God is Doing Around the World Part I - Lydia’s Circle

Unintentionally, our understanding of God and how he moves can oftentimes be relegated to what we see and hear Him doing in the lives of people and communities most proximate to us. But our God is so much bigger and specializes in loving and meeting the needs of diverse communities all around the world! In this episode, Melinda Dykstra, founder of Lydia Circle Ministries, joins Becky and Brooke as they discuss the importance of learning more about how God is moving in incredible ways abroad.


Episode #8 - Thursday, November 18

Growing in Knowledge: What God is Doing Around the World Part II - Lydia’s Circle

There was so much territory we didn't get to cover with Melinda in episode 7 that we had to continue the conversation in Part 2! In this episode, Becky, Brooke & Melinda dive deeper into evangelism, spiritual warfare, and why we should remain hopeful that God is still working throughout the earth. Plus we celebrate God's faithfulness in a big way! Don't miss this exciting conclusion to Season 1 of the podcast.


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