Meet our Leadership Team.


Classroom Coordinator
Susie Acklie
Susie ensures that our Town Square classrooms are ready to welcome our families and Tablesetters by keeping them organized, stocked, and sanitized.
Production Specialist
Jerry Anderson
Jerry assists with all tech needs including Weekend Services, events on campus, and video production.
Next Generation Technical Coordinator
Ethan Auzenne
Ethan oversees all technical needs for Town Square, Compass, and Shift. In addition, he assists the teams in ensuring smooth check-in and worship experiences.
Executive Assistant
Ashley Barnett
Ashley assists the Lead and Executive Pastor and corresponds to leadership groups, including the Board of Advisors and Elders.
Worship Director
Clark Beasley - Pastor
Clark leads our Music Teams and is responsible for all aspects of music for our Weekend Experience.
Design Director
Zach Benson
Zach oversees all aspects of NMC’s brand standards. In addition, he works closely with our Next Steps team and manages all photography, graphic design, and video campaigns for NMC.
Video Producer
Curt Cain
Curt is the main storyteller and filmmaker at NMC. In addition, he and his team help produce video content for all ministries within the church.
Finance & Administration Director
Kristin Chance
Kristin is responsible for the church's financial transactions and financial reporting. She is also responsible for the coordination of churchwide administrative tasks.
Kids Programming Coordinator
Ashley Colwell
Ashley is responsible for implementing curriculum and content in Sunday morning classrooms, large group environments, and parent resources in NMC Kids.
Mobilization Director
Bud Darr - Pastor
Bud leads the mobilization efforts of NMC by organizing our church body to serve our community and our local and global ministry partners.
Care Coordinator
Reeny Eberhard
Reeny supports our Care and marriage ministries and team.
Middle School Director
Brian Ellison - Pastor
Brian provides leadership and care to our 5-7th grade ministry, Shift.
Discipleship Director
Becky Everette - Pastor
Becky gives direction to our discipleship, care, and marriage enrichment ministries as well as our adult baptism process.
Design Coordinator
Angelo Felix
Angelo assists our creative team and designs visual content for our resources, social media, website, and more.
Barrett Campus Pastor
Daniel Hicks
Daniel gives leadership to NMC's connection groups, community groups, and large group events. He is also a part of the teaching team.
Discipleship Director
Matt Johnston - Pastor
Matt provides direction to North Metro Church University. He works closely with our Curriculum Director to write all content for NMCU. Matt also serves on our teaching team.
Barrett Campus Coordinator
Dawna Kyber
Dawna coordinates NMC's connection groups, community groups, and large group events for the Barrett Campus.
Next Steps Director
Jess Magee - Pastor
Jess helps NMC family members and guests feel at home at NMC and find their next step as they follow Jesus.
Executive Pastor
John Maggard
John works with the Board of Advisors to ensure NMC has the proper resources to accomplish our mission, including finances, facilities, and human resources.
Student Director
Derek McClardy - Pastor
Derek gives leadership to our Student Ministry, serving middle school (5-7th), high school (8-12th), and college-aged young adults (ages 18-22).
Lead Pastor
Rob McDowell
Rob serves as our Lead Teaching Pastor and leads the NMC staff. Rob helps to set and implement the vision, mission, and strategic direction of North Metro Church.
Ministry Coordinator
Dana Morelly
Dana serves as coordinator for our Curriculum and Care Team and the Next Steps Team. She is responsible for all administrative tasks for North Metro Church University.
Special Needs Coordinator
Erin Nason
Erin supports students and families with special needs. She also assists the Kid's and Student's teams in ensuring our environments are safe and engaging for all students and families.
Facilities Director
Spencer Oliver
Spencer oversees all aspects of the church building and grounds to ensure that it is ready to be used for our church.
Curriculum Director
Rebecca Ross - Pastor
Rebecca leads our Curriculum & Care Team and College Internship Program. She helps select and implements curriculum-based programs so people can learn more about Jesus.
Kids Tablesetter Coordinator
Barbara Smith
Barbara onboards, schedules, and leads classroom Tablesetters in NMC Kids. She also plans and executes events that involve kids and their families.
Communications Director
Courtney Smith
Courtney oversees all avenues of communication at NMC, supporting each ministry area to further the vision and mission of NMC.
Creative Arts Director
Matt Solik - Pastor
Matt leads our Service Programming Team and is responsible for all aspects of the Weekend Experience.
Student Coordinator
Jill Stewart
Jill oversees all administrative tasks and coordinates events for Shift and Compass. In addition, she trains and provides care and guidance to our Tablesetters in NMC Students.
Childcare Coordinator
Lindsay Stippich
Lindsay oversees aspects of paid childcare at NMC, including hiring, training, and leading all childcare workers according to the needs of NMC events.
Technical Director
Andrew Walden
Andrew oversees all tech needs for Weekend Services and events on campus and NMC+, including lighting, video, and audio production.
Facilities Coordinator
Forrest Winship
Forrest assists with the set-up and breakdown of any event happening within the building to ensure our facilities are always ready to be used.
Kids Director
Nathan Woodward - Pastor
Nathan directs our NMC Kids Ministry, Town Square. In addition, he leads and encourages the NMC Kids staff and Tablesetters.

Board of Advisors

Matt Allman
Angela Daniel
Shawn Holland
Susan Kirkland
Andy Lampert
John Maggard
Matt McGee
Tim Miles
Ed Morris
Bethany North
Ryan Reeser
Yvonne Robinson
Katherine Watson
Doug Cunningham

Council of Elders

Scott Busby
Doug Cunningham
Jose Diaz
Jim Delozier
Shawn Holland
Rob McDowell
Henry Salley
Ward Townsend
Kim Williamson
Nicholas Yeomans
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