Meet our Leadership Team.

Pastors & Directors

Lead Pastor
Rob McDowell
Rob serves as our Lead Teaching Pastor and leads the NMC staff. Rob helps to set and implement the vision, mission, and strategic direction of North Metro.
Executive Pastor
John Maggard
John works with the Board of Advisors to ensure NMC has the proper resources to accomplish the mission, this includes things like finances, facilities, and human resources.
Adult Ministries Pastor
Bud Darr
Bud leads our Adult Ministry Teams. He is responsible for the adult groups and experiences, leading our teams so NMC families can grow closer to Jesus and to each other.
Next Generation Pastor
Rebecca Ross
Rebecca leads our Next Generation Teams. She gives oversight to all safety and programming aspects of the Town Square, Shift, and NMC Students environments.
Creative Arts Pastor
Matt Solik
Matt leads our Service Programming Teams and is responsible for all aspects of the Weekend Experience.
Groups Pastor
Becky Everette
Becky gives leadership to the Women's Ministry of NMC, which includes Bible studies, community groups, care groups, and large group events.
Online Campus Pastor
Justin Woelk
Justin is responsible for leading and serving our NMC+ Online Campus. He leads our NMC+ Digital Team that helps people connect from wherever they are with great content that leads to
Student Pastor
Matt Johnston
Matt gives leadership to our Student Ministry, serving middle and high school students, grade 5-12th. Matt manages an online presence, weekly gatherings, events, and retreats all aimed
Worship Pastor
Clark Beasley
Clark leads our Music Teams and is responsible for all aspects of music for the Weekend Experience.
Groups Pastor
Daniel Hicks
Daniel gives leadership to the Men's Ministry of NMC, which includes Bible studies, community groups, care groups, and large group events.
Kids Pastor
Nathan Woodward
Nathan directs our NMC Kid's Ministry, Town Square. He leads and encourages the NMC Kid's staff and Tablesetters.
Director of First Impressions
Jess Magee
Jess helps guests get connected to the life of the church and leads all Guest Services Tablesetters to create a welcoming environment for both guests and family members.
Communications Director
Kristin Bernazard
Kristin is responsible for all avenues of internal and external communication, supporting each ministry area to further the vision and mission of NMC.
Finance & Administration Director
Kristin Chance
Kristin is responsible for the church's financial transactions and financial reporting. She is also responsible for the coordination of churchwide administrative tasks.
Technical Director
Andrew Walden
Andrew oversees all tech needs for Weekend Services and events on campus and on NMC+ including lighting, video, and audio production.
Design Director
Zach Benson
Zach oversees all aspects of NMC’s brand standards. He works closely with our Communications team and manages all photography, graphic design and video campaigns for NMC.

Board of Advisors

Clint Owens
Quentin Primas
Lindsey Ritsema
Leslie Olds
Mark Rambeau
John Maggard
Owen Adair
Shawn Holland
Melissa Crosby
Chip Renno
Chris North
Doug Cunningham
Henry Salley

Council of Elders

Rush Bailey
Herb Johnson
Owen Adair
Rob McDowell
Bobby Shirley
Nicholas Yeomans
Donald Olds
Mark Adams
Ward Townsend
Jose Diaz
Shawn Holland

Meet Our

Servant Leadership

In addition to our full-time pastoral staff. North Metro is fortunate to be led by a number of additional volunteers who serve our faith family as elders and members of our board of advisors. Click below to meet this team of servant leaders.

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