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We believe God uses opportunities like learning, loving and living to help us follow Jesus together through the local church - join us!

Live in Community Learn Biblical Truth Love God, His Church, & Others

What it Means at NMC


We make a big deal about groups because, simply put, we believe that we’re better when we live in community. Choosing community helps move you from Sunday morning rows to circles around tables, living rooms, or softball fields where we can grow, care, and do life together. Explore our Connection, Community, and Care Groups.

What it Means at NMC


We want to help people find and follow Jesus by providing learning environments with trusted curriculum based on Biblical truth. This includes exploring the Bible at North Metro Church University, understanding Biblical truths in marriage, and personal growth opportunities focused on healing and forgiveness.

What it Means at NMC


Join our mission to help people find and follow Jesus by loving God, His Church, and Others. We express this by using our time, talents, and treasures to love God and serve others. Join a team to serve on, love our community at a City Serve, or give financially. Wherever you are, God is ready to use you!

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If you aren't sure where to begin, the best place to start is by attending our Welcome Home class! Welcome Home isn't a requirement and doesn't always have to come first, but it's a great starting place and gives us a chance to connect in person!


Learn more about NMC's mission and vision, and hear more about our follow circles by attending our one-hour Welcome Home class on a Sunday morning!

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