We want to connect with one another like family. As a family, we have a set of values that we are always striving for because we know that what a family believes will determine how a family behaves. You can learn more about the values of the North Metro Church family below:

We Embrace

A Gospel Perspective

The word “Gospel” refers to the good news of Jesus and all that He came to do and teach. The Gospel is central to everything we do because it is central to everything God has done. The Gospel teaches us that God loves us immeasurably more than we can imagine despite us not deserving that love or be being able to earn it. At North Metro Church, we have begun to view our past, present, and future through the lens of the Gospel and it is changing everything!

We Encourage

Growing Together

We have seen the incredible benefit of sharing our lives with one another in authentic personal communities. All of us experience good days and bad, highs and lows, and we know no one wants to go through those times alone. Being a consistent part of a community provides a stabilizing foundation for the ever-changing lives we each live. An authentic community encourages one another, prays for one another, supports one another through hard times. This is the picture of Growing Together.

We Invest

In the Next Generation

We make a big deal about investing in the Next Generation because they are the future of the Church. Judges 2:10 tells us that we can be at risk of an entire generation not knowing Jesus. Churches die every day because they have ignored the generation to come. That will not be said about us. The revelation of God’s story of love, grace, redemption, restoration, and glory must continue to the Next Generation.

We Honor

Our Tablesetters

When we serve others, we set the table for them to experience the grace of God. That’s why around here we call our volunteers Tablesetters. Our goal is for everyone to experience the joy of serving others as a Tablesetter and serve somewhere within our church. Regardless of your schedule, experience, or gifting, there’s a fulfilling place for you to serve here!

We Love

Our Neighbors

Being a neighbor is not about proximity, but rather intentionality, because if I never choose to walk across the lawn, it doesn’t really matter who lives next door. At North Metro Church we desire to be an inviting place where people know they matter, to us and to God. This is one of the greatest lessons of Jesus, to love one another in the same way that God has loved the world. We want to be a conduit of God’s love to our city.

We Care About

The Nations

We know that God’s love is bigger than just Cobb County or even our country. It is a love that seeks to consume every culture, every language, every nation and race. The Gospel is for any person who would believe in Him and He has called those who know Him to reach those who need Him. That is why our family cares about the nations.

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