Celebrating 25 Years

Stones of Remembrance

Stones of Remembrance

This month we are looking back (and looking forward!) to all that God has done through North Metro Church during a time when Rob was the College Pastor of the college ministry known as Echo.

God brought Rob and his family to Georgia to serve as the College Pastor at NMC in 2005 through a series of events, prayer, and moving states. At the same time, God also led Matt Solik to take a Worship Pastor role. The two of them quickly formed a friendship, and Rob began forming what became Echo. Unbeknownst to them, God was up to something big. The college ministry was named Echo after the verse Isaiah 42:12 “Make God’s glory resound; echo his praises from coast to coast.

Over several years, they saw God start with a small group of students from Kennesaw State University and Southern Poly Tech to weekly gatherings of over 800 students coming to worship God and grow in their relationship with Him. They shared that back in 2010/2011, our church had been walking through a difficult season, and during that time, God prepared, to their surprise, a very special night of spontaneous baptism at Echo, where hundreds of students came forward. There was a line starting from the baptismal that went all along the side and to the back of the auditorium. The energy in the room was electric and inspiring. Not only Rob but small group leaders and best friends helped baptize so many many to count - and it was truly a holy moment.

It was a “Stones of Remembrance” moment for the college ministry and all who were involved. In a conversation with Matt and Rob, they shared that the feeling and environment that has happened at the Hunger Nights of Worship this year is similar to what happened that night at Echo. The Holy Spirit is present and palpable. . See what God's been doing; mark your calendars for Thursday, April 25, the next Hunger Night of Worship.

Listen to Matt Solik, Rob, and Daniel Hicks tell stories from this Echo Baptism night and all that God has done since then in their podcast episode! Search North Metro Church and look for our Celebrating 25 Years series anywhere that you listen to podcasts.

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