The Lord has called us to a big thing.

Our mission at NMC has always been to help people find and follow Jesus, and our vision is to Be Missed in our communities and the world if we cease to exist. While our vision and mission as a church have not changed, God has led us to an exciting way of moving this forward.

We know the local church is plan A, which is exactly why we have sensed God calling us into a multisite strategy which is one church with multiple locations. This goal is not to grow NMC but the Kingdom of God as we reach new people. In 2023, NMC adopted Sewell Mill Baptist Church, and it is currently being renovated. We are looking forward to opening this second location in Fall 2024.

Project Updates

January 2024
All necessary permits have been approved by Cobb County. We have started renovations! Pray with us that the process will be speedy!

October 2023
As of mid-October, we have submitted all permits needed to start updating the Sewell Mill campus, so we will start swinging hammers soon! You can pray that all permits are approved and that we can continue to move forward in this process.

Watch the Story of How NMC Adopted Sewell Mill Baptist Church

Our Journey to Sewell Mill

As God always does, He beautifully wove Sewell Mill Baptist Church and North Metro Church's paths together, and we have a story of God's faithfulness to tell! We invite you to watch this story!


Helpful FAQ's

Can we stop by and see the property?
We can’t wait for you to see it; however, please respect that this is a construction site, so at this time, we ask you not to stop by. We will definitely be scheduling events in the future for you to tour the property and get a feel for the location.

What improvements is NMC going to make to the property?
There are some immediate issues we need to address due to the age of the building. Although this is not final, click here to see our architects’ first draft at a site rendering.

Is East Cobb really underserved by churches?

Yes, that is true; when you look at population numbers to churches, that is correct. In addition, many churches in the last 20 years have grown to the outer suburbs following population growth. So as “closer in” churches age out and you have a resurgence of relocation growth, it further compounds the issue. Rob McDowell and John Maggard, our Lead and Executive Pastors, share more about this strategic decision in this video.

I a baseball field, can we use it?

Not yet. We will figure this out as we move in and complete renovations. We need first to assess the condition and then understand what current uses are in place and respect those arrangements. Currently, a travel baseball team has a rental agreement on the baseball field. So at some point, yes, but allow us time to figure it out for now. The main thing is that we are excited about the nine acres of land and excited to see how we can use the property.

What does this mean for the current NMC staff?
Other than being super excited, we have already done a lot of preparation ahead of time to make this a smooth transition. Last year we restructured our org chart to allow for being a multisite church even though we did not have the second location yet. We are set up to run a fairly lean staffing model. Matt Johnston is our Sewell Mill Campus Pastor and will provide some administrative and event support. However, for the most part, we have implemented a “Central Services” model, which means most of the ministry can be managed from our Barrett Campus with the help of you guys, our awesome Tablesetters. The most important thing to keep in mind is that while this is a second location, it will be a much smaller environment compared to the Barrett Campus and much more scalable. Other than the occasional site visit on a Sunday, most of our staff roles will not be changing, and you will, for the most part, still see them all in the roles you are used to seeing them.

If I currently attend NMC, can I attend the Sewell Mill Campus?
Yes, we are one church in multiple locations, so that will be up to you and your preference. However, our goal is to help people find and follow Jesus in East Cobb, so if we go take up all the seats, that might be difficult. We believe that the distance and traffic patterns are far enough there will be some of our current NMC family will find it more convenient, but the bulk of our current Barrett Campus attendees will be staying put. As we get closer to the launch, we will need to form a team of Tablesetters who might want to be a part of the launch team, so if this interests you, keep an eye out for ways you can get involved.

Keeping You Informed

John Maggard, our Executive Pastor, is taking leadership over this exciting project. With the prospect of this project taking a year or longer to complete, we've answered some frequently asked questions and will use this page to keep you informed. If you have any questions not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact John!

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