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The Lord has called us to a big thing.

Our mission at NMC has always been to help people find and follow Jesus and our vision is to Be Missed in our communities and world if we ceased to exist. While our vision and mission as a church have not changed, we feel that God is leading us to an exciting way of moving this forward.

We know the local church is plan A which is exactly why we sense God calling us into a multisite strategy. One church with multiple locations. This goal is not to grow NMC but grow the Kingdom of God as we reach new people.


Next Steps

Where do we go from here?

We hope to launch our first multisite location in the East Cobb area. We are actively looking for a second location and are remaining creative in our options. Right now, not much will change until we open the first multisite campus, but you'll hear us start to refer to our current location on Barrett Parkway as the Barrett Campus. As we move forward, most of our incredible staff team will remain in similar roles, but the scope of their roles will change. Two major staff changes do include our pastoral team. Rob McDowell will remain North Metro Church's Lead Pastor. Daniel Hicks is now our Barrett Campus Pastor, and Matt Johnston will become the pastor of our next campus.

What are our next steps? We pray our guts out! Here are four ways that you can pray with us: 1) For more people to find and follow Jesus, 2) For the Lord to lead us to a location in the midst of the current real estate market, 3)For our staff and leadership to adjust to new assignments and 4) for us as a church to grow in learning with one another through NMCU, loving one another through serving, and living in community with one another through groups.


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