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Helping You Grow In Your Walk With Jesus

Guys, this page was designed with you in mind. You'll find some recommended podcasts, books, sermon series, and Bible reading plans to help you find and follow Jesus.


NMC's very own podcast! Helping men find and follow Jesus with intentionality.

Exploring the paradigms and practices leaders need to transform their church culture and multiply deeply changed disciples.

Front Row Dads highlights actionable habits, rituals and routines that help dads create as much success in their family life, as they do in their work.

Intelligent conversation, life-improving insights, and actionable advice without the fluff and filler.

Conversations designed to give you the resources you need to get through each day.

Morgan Snyder serves as a guide to a path and a process of the restoration of our hearts as men.

Conversations that cultivate freedom, flourishing, and wholeness of heart through Jesus-shaped spirituality.

Helping men become fully alive by doing life together.

Leadership and discipline advice and guidance for youth.

Guiding you to discover, declare, and take action on the big ambitions you have for your life.



Matt Chandler -The Village Church

God's Unchanging Plan for Manhood

Life lived within God’s beautiful and unchanging design leads to our greatest joy. In our ever-changing culture, the church needs to be a safe refuge for the gender confused, the sexually broken, the single, the married and the divorced.


Joby Martin - Church of Eleven 22

What does a man of God truly look like?

An awesome sermon series about being a real man that reflects God's character.


Craig Groeschel - Life.Church

What are you fighting for?

Defeat the fear that stares you down. Find purpose in your battles. Discover your God-given courage to become the Warrior He made you to be.


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