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5-7th Grade

Shift is our environment for middle school students. Through teaching, worship, games, and connections in small groups, we help students find and follow Jesus. We meet during all Sunday morning worship services in the upstairs Shift Room.

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Sundays in Shift

What to Expect

We can not wait for 5-7th grade students to join us! We provide a high-energy and engaging service for our students to help them find and follow Jesus and also connect with their peers. You can expect large group games, a time of worship through singing, a message, and small groups.


Goat Talk

Jesus was a healer; Jesus did miracles. Jesus also was a preacher. The greatest preacher of all time. And through this series, we will unpack the most excellent sermon of all time. The Sermon on the Mount is a crucial teaching of Jesus found in the Gospel of Matthew. In it, Jesus delivers several profound teachings, including the Beatitudes, which outline blessings for virtues such as humility and peacemaking. He also speaks about love for enemies, prayer, and moral conduct, emphasizing inner righteousness and the Kingdom of Heaven. These are some of the greatest words from the greatest human of all time.

Next Level Environments

Group Nights

Take your small group experience and friendships to the next level by participating in our Shift gatherings. The night consists of dinner, games, and community. It is our hope that the relationships you build in your small group will take you all the way through high school. Check out the calendar below to see where we will be. All events are from 6:30-8:00pm on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. These are free events, and dinner will be provided.


We love celebrating together when students take their next step in following Jesus through water baptism. This is one of the most beautiful and joyful things we do in our ministry. If you're ready to be baptized click this link for next steps!

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