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5th-7th Grade

Shift is our middle school ministry that helps 5-7th grade students find and follow Jesus! While Shift can't meet together on campus due to COVID-19, our student team still desires to connect with your student throughout the week. Check out all the ways your middle schooler can continue to learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus during this season!

Sunday's Message

October 25 | 2020

This week in SHIFT Online, we look at the concept of Holiness. God's holiness is rooted in his unique identity as the creator of the cosmos and the powerful source of all life and beauty and goodness. However, the power of God’s holiness is also dangerous to us as mortal creatures. But, in God’s desire to partner with humanity, he made a way for us to access his holy presence safely through Jesus. Jesus applies the dangerous heat of God’s holiness to the things that separate us from God. As we read the Bible, we see that wherever Jesus goes, sickness is healed, brokenness is made whole, and death gives into life. This tells us something significant about what it means to participate with Jesus’ ongoing work in the world. Those who follow Jesus are called to be agents of God’s transforming holiness.


Shift Group Nights

As a way for our students to catch-up and check-in with one another and their leaders, we will invite one to two small groups to our Outdoor Pavilion at NMC on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00pm. We'll get into a few games and a time to catch up with one another.

We are going to continue hosting these group nights throughout the rest of the semester. You can find the dates of when your students' small group is meeting below.

October 7: 7th and 8th-grade boys
October 14 - 7th-grade girls
October 21 - 5th and 6th-grade boys
October 28 - 5th and 6th-grade girls
November 4 - 7th-grade boys
November 11 - 7th-grade girls
November 18 - 5th and 6th-grade boys
December 2 - 5th and 6th-grade girls
December 9 - 7th-grade boys
December 16 - 7th-grade girls

*To ensure the safety of our students, we will encourage our leaders and students to social distance and wear face masks as much as possible. The dates above are subject to change based on attendance and safety.

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Your Next Faith Step

Ready For Baptism?

We love celebrating together when students take their next step in following Jesus through water baptism. This is one of the most beautiful and joyful things we do in our ministry. If you're interested in getting baptized, simply click the link below or email our Student Pastor, Matt Johnston with any questions.

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