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Even though we can't meet in person this weekend, you're invited to have church at home with your kids! You'll find a variety of on-demand content and activities for preschool students through middle school!


NMC Kids Content

This week in Town Square we are learning about how creation glorifies God by reading through Psalm 19. David wrote that creation shows us God’s glory. But we don’t have to rely on creation alone: we also have God’s word! All of creation displays the glory of God—how great He is—although not perfectly. The perfect revelation of God’s glory is found in Jesus, who came to show us exactly what God is like. Because Jesus is God, He is the perfect display of God’s glory.

Bible Story: Young Jesus in the Temple
Big Idea: We can worship in God’s house too!


Shift | Middle School Content

This week in our series, The Biggest Story, we are walking through the book of Mark. You can click here to watch The Bible Project's overview video of Mark. As a family, you can specifically discuss Mark 4:35-41 and answer these few questions together:

1. Is there a storm in your life right now?
2. Do you believe that you can have peace during a storm? Can both things happen at the same time?
3. What do you think it means to have faith when you are afraid?

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