NMC College Intern Experience

Rebecca Ross is our Curriculum Pastor who provides leadership over our College Intern Program.

Like so many others, my [Rebecca] professional story has had lots of exciting and experiential twists and turns that the Lord used to prepare me for this season of vocational ministry at North Metro Church. At one point, someone shoulder-tapped me for an interview, and so my story took another turn from volunteering in a ministry to vocational ministry. As with any professional arena, our staff members are always on the lookout for hearts and talent to serve and lead in various ministry areas. The Lord has been so kind to bring the people that we currently call staff to support the vision that He gives our lead pastor, Rob McDowell. It is no secret that Rob encourages us to invest in the next generation. Part of that next generation is college students who will one day move into the roles that so many of us currently hold. This is where our current College Internship Program comes into play.

Who is the College Internship Program for? The College Internship Program is designed for enrolled college students who want to understand and experience all the inner workings of the local church to decide if they want to pursue vocational ministry. It’s designed to help students become more aware of their character, competency, strengths, and weaknesses while increasing their understanding of the disciple-making process. They will be able to explore different ministries behind the scenes and what is needed to make each ministry function and thrive. Our hope is that we can train the next generation for any professional area in the future that they feel called to do. It might be vocational ministry, or they may serve as an elder or board member in their future home church.

What can college students in the program expect?
· Flexibility: This is a paid internship, with hours ranging from 10-20 hours/week, depending on the student’s schedule, availability, and NMC's office hours.
· Discipleship: Interns attend North Metro Church University, one of NMC’s discipleship tools. This is two hours/week.
· Leadership Development: Interns participate in leadership development for two hours/a week on Monday afternoons. The curriculum and reading changes each year, making the program a continual process of learning more about vocational ministry.
· Resources: Interns use a MacBook Air that is theirs to keep at the successful completion of the 8-month program.
· Community: Interns have a community not only with the other interns but with other NMC staff members as they get to know them through staff meetings and working alongside them.

How long is the College Internship Program? The College Intern Program is about eight months long and designed to allow interns to participate in a variety of ministry seasons throughout the school year. The program starts September 1 and ends April 30. Currently, we have Year 1 and Year 2 interns heading into Year 2 and Year 3 in the fall. We are looking to hire six Year 1 interns for the 2024-2025 school year who will be freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors in the fall of 2024.

What do our interns have to say about the program? Sure, we think our program is great, but we want you to hear what our interns think. Check out their responses to a few questions and then head to northmetro.org/intern-program for more details on how to apply for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.

Q: What caught your eye about applying to the NMC Intern Program?
Julz: When I knew that I would commit to KSU I knew I would need a job. When I thought about what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted to be involved in a church up in Kennesaw. I went onto Handshake and did not expect to find anything church-related. However, the very first thing I saw was this internship. I did a lot of research, and knowing that I would be able to see the inner workings of multiple areas of ministry is what caught my eye the most. You didn’t just jump into an area of ministry; you got to experience it all and find out what every area has to offer before deciding where to specialize.
Abril: Something that caught my attention while applying to the program was that I would get to work alongside other ministry-focused college students.

Q: Were you nervous about applying to be a NMC intern?
Julz: I was very nervous when I first applied. Knowing that I had no connections in NMC and that I wasn’t from Marietta made me worried, but the process was so easy and everyone I met during my interview process made me feel very welcomed.
Abril: I was somewhat nervous before applying, as per any job, but once I was interviewed I understood that this was unlike any other job.

Q: What are the most valuable lessons you have learned as a NMC Intern?
Julz: The most valuable thing that I have learned while being an intern here is that ministry is about working together as a unit; there truly is no I in the team in ministry. Every part of the job is important and is for the kingdom; even something as simple as filling the baptism tub helps advance the kingdom of God. No task is too small, and no person is too big to do it.
Elijah: Before I got to NMC I had never been coached persistently on character development. I grew up in a sports culture where I had learned to take on constructive criticism about my athletic performance but never my own character. This staff and program have challenged me to improve who I am as a person and to become a better leader, servant to God, and man of God.
Olivia: The most valuable lesson I have learned is that it is okay to make mistakes and ask questions. That’s really what an internship should be— a place that fosters growth, both personally and professionally.

Q: What is a typical work week for you as a NMC intern?
Abril: A typical work week for me as an NMC intern includes Monday meetings for both my ministry area team and my intern team. The rest of the week is usually open-ended to office hours, depending on the workload I may have that specific week.
Olivia: When I was a first-semester intern, my work week consisted of many different tasks, ranging from cleaning chairs in the kid's ministry to working events. I still do some of those tasks, but I now intern specifically in music/worship, so I am getting into planning set lists and leading worship.

Q: What has been the best unexpected surprise about being an NMC intern?
Elijah: Community! The NMC staff has built a culture of community amongst its members that I feel propels this place into success. I have personal relationships with dozens of staff members that extend beyond our jobs. I could name many scenarios where I have had great experiences with staff that helped develop a personal relationship beyond the job. All of these experiences make this staff feel like a family more than just a staff member.
Abril: The best-unexpected surprise about being an NMC Intern has been the inclusivity that we are granted within the staff. This means getting to interact often with pastors, directors, and coordinators and sometimes them taking us under their wing. That is very special to me.
Olivia: The people! I used to be so anxious to talk to people I didn’t know, but the staff and the church body have all made me feel comfortable here. I feel as though I’ve developed socially and in a genuine way. I grew up in church environments where I felt like I couldn’t be myself or have fun around the people in the church, but I have been shown incredible love and friendship here!

Q: Would you recommend this internship to other college students, and why?
Julz: I would 100% recommend this job to other college students. It is so flexible with your schedule and everyone you will encounter will be kind and incredible. You will truly understand the words “we GET to do this”.
Abril: Yes, I would absolutely recommend this internship to other college students. It is great for students looking to expand their knowledge of ministry or even planning to go into vocational ministry themselves. The program is also very open and respectful of a college student’s time and availability.

Q: What are the Monday intern meetings like?
Julz: Monday Intern meetings are some of my favorite times at work. It is always such a joy to sit down with your coworkers and hear all about what they are doing in their specific ministries. Reviewing a book together and hearing everyone's different opinions has been so much fun. These meetings are truly a joy in my week.
Olivia: Monday meetings consist of a check-in on any tasks that need to be done or any information the interns need to know. Once we “check in,” we talk about the book we are reading together (we have all really enjoyed the book we are reading right now!). Often, staff members will be “guest speakers” in our meetings. They tell us about their stories as people and as Christians and what they do in the church.

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