NMCU 103

NT 1 - The Gospels and The Early Church

NMCU 103 is for students that have successfully completed NMCU 101 & NMCU 102. Initially, we will study the first four books of the New Testament that provide first-hand, eye-witness accounts of the birth, ministry, teaching, suffering, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and how, in the aftermath of His ascension, the Church was birthed and spread, "to the ends of the earth." We will then study the movement of the earliest churches and the earliest letters and correspondences between these fellow followers of Jesus as everyone was working through what it looked like to follow Jesus in a world that didn't often recognize Him as LORD.

Fall semester enrollment will open on Sunday, July 28. The upcoming 10-week fall semester begins Sunday, September 15.


NMCU 103

Course Meeting Times

Barrett Campus
Sundays 3:00-5:00pm
On Campus (pre-recorded teaching videos)

Anytime Online


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