change is possible


The reality is we all experience brokenness in this life. The good news is God loves you, wants to heal you, and has a plan for you.

What is re:generation?

re:generation is a biblically-based discipleship program offering healing, recovery, and freedom from any type of struggle.

The reality is that we all experience brokenness in this life. You’re not alone. We all have struggles to overcome. Whether big or small, these destructive thoughts and habits hold us back from the life we want—and the life God calls us to live.

The good news is that God loves you, wants to heal you, and has a plan for you. Through re:generation, thousands of people have found freedom from their struggles and experienced new life in Christ. We believe that anyone can experience new life and freedom in Christ by working through biblical steps within an authentic community. re:generation is a safe place for everyone, no matter where you are in life or on your faith journey.

We get it, we often do not like to think or talk about our struggles, but everyone struggles with something. No matter your struggle, there is hope for you. Use this survey to identify and learn about the struggles most affecting your life.

change is possible

Life as God Intends

Addictions and sin struggles steal from us; they keep us from having the life we really want. Come find the fullness of life that God designed us for and desires for us to have.

change is possible

An Authentic Community

At re:generation, you can be real. Experience the healing that happens when you are fully known and accepted despite your flaws—and have a community of people committed to helping you overcome those struggles.

What to Expect

re:generation consists of weekly meetings, which include large group teaching and small group discussion, which meet for 10-12 months. Small groups are divided by gender and are "closed" groups to develop trust and confidentiality among group members.

Each day, you will spend some time working through the re:generation curriculum on your own. The workbooks will guide you through short reading assignments, personal reflection and response questions, and Scripture memorization.

Learn more at our interest meeting on Wednesday, January 10, at 7:00pm. Click here to register. 


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