Kalynn Benson's Story

25 Year Anniversary

Kalynn Benson's Story

As we continue our 25th anniversary celebration, we reflect with deep gratitude on the incredible years of ministry and the lives Jesus has transformed within our community. Fully dependent on God, we eagerly anticipate what the next 25 years will bring.

This month, we share a story of God's kindness and goodness through the journey of Kalynn Benson. Kalynn, who first called NMC her home during college in 2006, found support and mentorship during a challenging time in her life.

Needing a place to land in college, Kalynn sought a supportive community. What began as a babysitting job for a community group at NMC turned into a powerful demonstration of God's grace and provision in her life. Through her connection with Sloane Frazer, a member of the community group, a babysitter relationship transformed into mentorship and friendship. Sloane's generosity and readiness to serve, even with a newborn, showcased God's love for Kalynn.

Sloane's impact extended beyond providing Kalynn with a job; she helped Kalynn by providing a place to live and a community to be a part of. Soon enough, Sloane knew Kalynn needed to work through some forgiveness and introduced her to Fresh Start, a ministry still at NMC today. Engaging with the NMC community and the college ministry Echo, Kalynn continued to grow in her faith. As Sloane and other women of God walked alongside her, Kalynn witnessed God's transformative work within a supportive community.

Over the last 17 years, Kalynn met and married Zach Benson, a staff member here at NMC, and together, they are raising their three children. Their middle daughter is named Sloane in honor of the friend and mentor who played a pivotal role in Kalynn's life. Kalynn reflects on her 17-year journey at NMC, witnessing God's tremendous work amid leadership changes and challenges. Leadership may change, but God remains faithful.

Kalynn's story underscores the power of diving into relationships, highlighting the impact of being a friend like Sloane. She recounts the blessings found in community and the blessings her family has experienced over nearly 17 years. We're encouraged to stay rooted where God has planted us, recognizing the goodness that comes from staying where God has led us. In these moments of reflection, we are reminded of the enduring faithfulness of God and the power that friends and community can have on lives.

Join our Celebrating 25 Years podcast conversation anywhere you listen to podcasts. This month, Daniel Hicks caught up with Kalynn Benson, where you can hear even more of her touching story. Find the podcast by searching North Metro Church anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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