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Separation of Church and Hate

The rationale behind this series is simple: We have a problem. For those of us that call ourselves Christians, that means we believe in the Lordship of Jesus and have chosen to follow his teaching. Jesus said more than once that if we believe in Him as the Lord and Messiah, follow His teachings and apply them to our lives, the world will know who we are by our LOVE (John 13:35). Unfortunately, that's not what a significant part of our country thinks of Christ-followers... quite the opposite actually.
Our problem is that we don't have enough separation between Church and hate.
Those of us who follow Christ have the Spirit of God dwelling within us, therefore, the responsibility is ours to fix. We have, you could say, a PR problem in this world. The wrong message has gotten out about who we are, what we believe, why we believe it, and the communication of love has not come across clearly. Our prayer is that this series helps to clarify our calling and inspire us to live out Christ's mandate to love the people around us.


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