NMC Care

Our Care ministries are here to provide assistance to those walking through pain, difficulty, a big life transition or require help fulfilling a significant need. We also have several groups, specializing in different areas, all led by well-trained men and women, many who have been right where you are.

One Need

We Love People. We Love Community.
If you’re looking for assistance, we’re here to help you. Through One Need, we meet the needs of those within North Metro and in our community. Would you like to be a part of helping fulfill a need? Visit the links below to learn more.

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Stephen Ministry

A team of highly trained men and women called by God to proclaim the Lord’s favor to those who have experienced loss (job, death of a loved one, relationship, health) through one-on-one interactions.

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Fresh Start

This ministry is designed to help those with hurts in the past, but who struggle to grant forgiveness in the present.

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Divorce Care

Divorce Care is an international ministry helping those going through a divorce find hope again. This series of support groups and seminars for those going through separation or divorce is led by people who understand what you are experiencing.

Premarital Mentoring

Strong, healthy marriages start long before the wedding. To build a marriage that lasts and gets off to a great start, we encourage all engaged couples to participate in our premarital mentoring class, Merge.

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Pure Desire

Pure Desire is a men's care opportunity we offer to help break free from the struggle with pornography and sexual addiction

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Infertility & Loss Support Group

When God calls our hearts to grow our families, He never promises that it will be easy. He does promise to lead when we are lost.

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Women's Cancer Support Group

Cancer is a "no respecter of person" disease. It strikes every age group, every gender, and every socio-economic level. If you or a loved one has been affected by cancer, you may find hope and encouragement in our Cancer Support Group.

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Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes is a confidential group designed to provide encouragement and hope to women whose husbands struggle with sexual addiction.

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