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Town Square

During each weekend service, we invite you to bring your kids to a special environment called Town Square that has been created just for them! While you are in the service, your kids will hear stories from the Bible and be taught important lessons about life in a fun and relevant atmosphere.

What to Expect

If it’s your first time coming to NMC Kids, look for the Children’s Ministry Guest Check-in Desk, located on the first floor at the NMC Cafe entrance. We’ll assist you with sign up, provide a tour of the area and escort your child to their classroom.

Ages 6 weeks to 2 years old

Nursery Classrooms

Our Nursery is divided into six age and developmental stage classrooms:

Cuddlers: Not sitting up yet
Scooters: Sitting up & crawling
Cruisers: Pulling up and beginning to walk
Explorers: 15-19 months
Adventurers: 20-24 months
Travelers: Turned 2 after September 1st

In our nursery classrooms, you can expect a clean, safe and fun environment where our Tablesetters (volunteers) are praying over your baby while you engage in Sunday morning worship service. Explorers classroom is where our curriculum begins, toddlers will have a Bible story time and coloring activity page. Our Adventurers and Travelers classrooms have a full curriculum and also participate in large group environment alongside our younger preschool classrooms to prepare for a smooth transition.


Preschool & Elementary Classrooms

Our preschool and elementary classrooms use small classrooms or groups to establish community and authentic relationships. In the elementary setting, small group leaders guide children in learning to apply the weekly lesson to their lives through discussion and activities. Also, for part of the service children participate in a large group environment, similar to “big church.” Leaders teach biblical truths and Scripture memorization using worship, repetition, hand motions, video, and drama. These methods support the lesson and help cultivate the children’s heart for worship.

Parent Resources

Books in Motion

The Books in Motion strategy is a fun multi-sensory approach that teaches students the books of the Bible. In addition to learning the books in order, the hand motions remind children of a story from each of the books and help them become independent readers of God’s Word. Enjoy!
Watch the Books in Motion Videos

Family Journal Pages

The Family Journal Pages are a follow-up activity from NMC Kids Sunday morning Bible lesson. There are Family Discussion Starters that give parents a launching point into great discussion with their kids about the Gospel. The Family Journal Pages also include the Bible stories that have been talked about in Town Square with comprehension questions to follow up the reading. This is a great tool to use as a family to partner together with NMC Kids.
Download Family Journal Pages

Classroom Bible

Looking for a new Bible for your child? Our staff has hand-picked these to use in our classrooms. There is The Toddler’s Bible for the Nursery and 2’s Classrooms, as well as the Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook for the 3’s through 4’s Classrooms. We also have picked the Big Picture Interactive Bible for Kindergarten through 3rd Graders. We have provided the links to purchase on Amazon and Lifeway, check them out.
View our Classroom Bibles

Presenting the Gospel to Kids

The reason we chose The Gospel Project for our preschool and elementary curriculum is because it points the weekly Bible story to Jesus every time. The Gospel is the reason we open our doors every week! Because it’s so important, we’ve collected a few resources to guide you through some steps; from presenting the Gospel, to discussing the Gospel and to what we all pray for, a confession that Jesus is their personal Savior.
View The Gospel Project

Weekly Social Media Updates

Parents, be on the lookout every Monday night on North Metro’s Instagram Stories (found HERE) and on NMC’s Facebook page for information on what your kids have been learning in Town Square. This is one way that we, NMC Kids, would like to partner with you as parents to help transfer the concepts and biblical principals from a Sunday morning into your very own homes. Each week there are family discussion starters and a family activity to help encourage conversations in the home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services is the Children's Ministry open?

We are open during all weekend worship services; Sunday mornings for 9:30am and 11:30am services. You can begin checking your child into their classroom 20 minutes before service.

When does my child move classrooms?

NMC Kids follows the Cobb County school calendar for classroom promotions. This year, all children preschool through 7th grade will be promoted to their new class in early August. Preschoolers are promoted by age, elementary and middle school students are promoted by grade level. Our nursery classrooms are promoted throughout the year based on developmental level.

Are volunteers background checked?

All of our Tablesetters (volunteers), those you see inside and outside of the classroom setting, have gone through a thorough screening process of an application, background checks, and training.

My child has special needs. Is there anything for him/her?

Our Children’s Ministry, Town Square, has a special needs program for elementary students during the second service. The focus of this ministry is to help children with disabilities find and follow Jesus during our Sunday morning programming. Tablesetters in this area gets to partner one-on-one with a child who has special needs that require a buddy in the classroom. This role averages four hours a month. For questions about the program or the serving role, contact our Special Needs Coordinator, Erin at If you’re interested in serving with us, sign up by filling out the form HERE.

What is the security like within the Children's Ministry?

You will be given a security tag with an individual number that corresponds with your child’s nametag. You must show the security tag to enter the hallways and to pick up your child from the classroom.

What happens if my child is crying or sick during service?

If our NMC Kids coaches or staff feel the need to contact a parent in any circumstance we will call you by flashing your child’s secuirty number on the paging system located underneath the screens in both the Auditorium and Theater.



Each and every Sunday we strive to provide fun and age appropriate curriculum for your child.

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Serve in Our Kids Ministry

We're always looking for volunteers to serve in our kids ministry. We have a number of different opportunities available throughout the year, from helping kids get checked in to leading them from the stage. You can also come shadow on a weekend to see what may be the best fit for you!

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