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NMCU Core and Workshops

In NMCU Core, you'll move through a set sequence of classes and learn about the big picture of Scripture around tables in a community to equip you to follow Jesus more faithfully and to share what you believe with others. We want to make disciples who make disciples. Each semester is ten weeks and goes in sequential order.

NMCU Workshops are designed to give you practical ideas for being effective in how they learn, love, and live. Workshops are one to two weeks long and discuss topics such as parenting tactics, Bible study tools, and how to care for others. Explore our upcoming workshops here.


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NMCU Core Overview

Summer semester enrollment is open now through Sunday, May 26. The upcoming 10-week summer semester begins Tuesday, June 11.

NMCU 101

OT 1 - The Torah

We will introduce and explain the concept of NMCU, give an overview of the Bible, and teach through the first five books of the Bible, called, "The Torah," and see how it all points to Jesus and finds its fulfillment in him.

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NMCU 102

OT 2 - The History, The Prophets, and The Writings

We will study the remainder of the Old Testament to see how it connects to both the Torah and to Jesus.

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NMCU 103

NT 1 - The Gospels and The Early Church

We will study the first four books of the New Testament that provide first-hand, eye-witness accounts of the birth, ministry, teaching, suffering, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and how, in the aftermath of His ascension, the Church was birthed and spread, "to the ends of the earth."

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NMCU 104

NT 2 - The Letters

We will look at the second half of the New Testament and learn about the earliest letters sent to the earliest followers of Jesus gathered as the earliest churches. We will examine their content, introduce their authors, and come to understand the implications and applications for today and how they, too, help hold the Bible together, point to Jesus, and instruct us on how to follow Jesus faithfully.

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NMCU 201 - Coming September 2024

Inward Life

Having established a foundation of the Bible and solidified some basic theology (what we believe, think, and speak about the Triune God), we will then discuss matters of internal life and how, through a biblical perspective and worldview, we address and respond to them. In this, we will discuss, prayer, fasting, scripture reading, memorization, spiritual gifts, mental health, forgiveness, anxiety, and sexuality.

NMCU 202

Outward Living

Having established a foundation of the Bible and solidified some basic theology (what we believe, think, and speak about the Triune God), we will then discuss how we are to live as faithful followers of Jesus. In this, we will discuss how we treat people, resources, finances, and the world around us. We will also discuss evangelism, missions, apologetics, and Gospel unity. Everything we do in semesters 1-4 will build into semesters 5 and 6.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a college-level course?
A: NMCU is built for everyone, at more of a high-school level. Each class will build on the knowledge you've gained with built-in activities and additional resources provided.

Q: Can I start with NMCU 102?
A: Everyone will begin with NMCU 101. New NMCU 101 groups will be starting all the time, so we ask everyone to start there. Keep an eye on the groups launching section of the web for when sign-ups open.

Q: What does a typical class look like?
A: Most classes are 75-80% lectures, with opportunities to do brief activities, discussions at your table, and some Q&A at the very end. Each table group is comprised of six people.

Q: Who can sign up for this course?
A: Students in 8th grade or higher, and all adults, are encouraged to take this course. All participants must call North Metro Church their church home.

Q: Do I need to have a base knowledge of the Bible as a prerequisite?
A: Nope, we know there will be different levels of biblical literacy among the participants. So, in NMCU 101, we will cover some basics before jumping into the first book of the Bible.

Q: What happens if I miss a class? And does attendance matter?
A: Since each week builds upon the content from the previous weeks, each week's content is vital. We do know, though, that life plans can interrupt your schedule. We'll be using an online class program called Teachable for participants to review all teaching video content and make up any missed classes.

Q: Is there a cost for the materials or the class?
A: Nope, NMC is currently incurring all of the costs for the courses.

Q: Can I still be in a community group and go through NMCU?
A: Absolutely. In fact, we are even encouraging community groups to go through NMCU together. It's a great community experience and will help enrich your community group time moving forward.

Q: I usually sign up for Bible studies. Is NMCU a Bible study?
A: NMCU is a study of the Bible, a big picture how-it-all-fits-together-and-is -fulfilled-in Jesus study. In this, we want to help equip you to teach the Bible to friends or in the context of Bible studies in the future. This is a Bible study that will help all future Bible studies one leads or participates in.


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